Shakespeare Sonnet Series going on now!

Grassroots Shakespeare Company is a collaborative touring ensemble of multidisciplinary artists who create joyous, vibrant productions inspired by Shakespeare’s original staging techniques. Through open-air performances, interactive workshops, and scholarly events, we produce and promote genuinely engaging, popular, and relevant theatre.


“If Shakespeare was taught this way in schools, it would be an extremely popular class.” (More)
– Reed Farnsworth, for the Deseret News

“…the most enjoyable Shakespeare production Utah theatergoers have had the chance to see in at least the last five years.”

– Mel Sundquist, UVU Review

“[Grassroots] isn’t just a ‘play’ or a ‘show;’ it’s an experience. It felt like a concert: the energy, the flexibility, and the interaction with the audience… it was a joyous evening.” (More)
– Amber Peck, Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

“The staging of the show was inventive and brilliant. I’ve never been more moved watching [Hamlet]…
I was spellbound… If I wrote all that impressed me, you’d be reading until tomorrow.”
– Jennifer Leigh Mustoe, Utah Theater Bloggers Association

Extremely fun and quite hilarious… You would be missing out if you didn’t catch [Twelfth Night].” (More)
– Christian Cragun, Utah Theater Bloggers Association

Charming…it was a great night. …Grassroots definitely knows their audience, and they put on a good show! …recommended for anyone and everyone.” (More)
– Paige Guthrie, A Staged Mindset

“The sparse set and costumes quickly faded out of perception as the characters took over. Words flew flawlessly, and the energy was infectious. The audience laughed and applauded, hissed and booed, as if on cue. All throughout, an orchestra of crickets added
their melody to the lone guitar and accordion… 
This, I think, is exactly how Shakespeare intended his plays to be seen.” (More)
– Tana, Experimentations